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Brian Stout - Human Design AnalystHuman Design is a science of differentiation; revealing the true nature of who you are. It is a tool for answering the critical life questions:

"What am I supposed to be doing with my life?"
"Where is the best place for me to be in order to thrive?"
"Who are the people I am to connect with?"

Utilizing Human Design into every day life leads, ultimately, to a life of grace, ease, and flow.



Human Design is a practical tool for making decisions for your life such that they are in alignment with your true nature. You are endowed with an infallible guidance process that can direct you, with great precision, to the people, experiences, and locations that are best for you, that will bring your life to a state of thriving. We all have sensed this throughout our lives; we stumble onto a state of grace and ease wondering “How did I get here?” and then it passes. What if these momentary states were actually our genuine, natural way of being in the world? Human Design is a pathway to this kind of life; a state of grace, ease, and flow throughout each day, every day, week in and week out.

From the perspective of Human Design, the most important distinction is that between who we are and who we think we aught to be. The intellect is profoundly susceptible to conditioning, programming, and homogenization from the Collective. The time of the group following one leader or a single pathway designed for “one size fits all” is over. Now is the time of the Individual; for the Individual to be in touch with and follow what is uniquely correct for them. Human Design offers practical and applicable tools for empowering this individuated process.


Human Design is a synthesis of the ancient observational systems of Astrology, the Chinese I Ching, and the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras along with the contemporary revelations of Quantum Mechanics, Genetics, and Bio-chemistry. Human Design does not require you to believe in it. It simply provides an opportunity for you to witness life through a fresh and entirely new perspective. Not a profiling system, Human Design does more than describe your inherent nature. It provides practical and applicable principles to experiment with when making important decisions in life. Utilizing your birth information (Month, Day, Year, Time, City, State), the Certified Human Design Analyst will construct a Rave Chart which is a graphic representation of the energy you came in to this life with. The Rave Chart indicates numerous details and descriptive keynotes of your energy. In preparation for your Foundation Reading, the Analyst will spend several hours linking these qualities and preparing a presentation that makes the information relevant, practical, and immediately applicable.

Please be aware that there are individuals using The Human Design System that are not legally sanctioned by Jovian Archive (rights holder) nor certified by the IHDS (professional certification authority). Some students have even been misled and misinformed into thinking that they are a certified or sanctioned user or provider of The Human Design System, and they are not.

If you have any question as to the legitimacy of a person or organization utilizing the Human Design system, you can use these links to determine those who are officially sanctioned and/or certified; Legally licensed Human Design National Organizations and IHDS Certified Professionals.


The Foundation Reading that I provide consists of two sessions of 90 minutes each. The first session reviews the essential basics of Human Design as well as the essential basics of your energetic design. These basics are;

  • TYPE: The overall characteristic of your energy. While there are 4 primary groupings, this is only the beginning of describing your energetic nature.
  • STRATEGY: Based upon your Type of energy, this describes a way of being and operating in life that will dramatically reduce and eventually eliminate resistance in your life.
  • INNER AUTHORITY: Your unique connection to the inner wisdom that can accurately and reliably navigate you through life in a manner that is deeply connected your your correct path in life.
  • PROFILE: An primary characteristic of your energy that differentiates you from everyone else. Your Profile describes the predictable methodology of how you operate in life and how your naturally and genuinely go about living your life, correctly and in the flow of your life.

    During the second session of your Foundation Reading, we will review the primary basics of the first session and then continue with revealing your;

  • NOT SELF MENTAL CONSTRUCT: The mental monologue that constantly nags at you with actions you “aught to”, “should” and “must” do. This is the false persona that your intellect has constructed and is relentless in pressuring you to adhere to. By distinguishing this fully, you have the ability to break free from this programming, conditioning, and habitual nature; revealing the true and genuine nature of who you are.
  • TRUE DEFINITION: A specific description of the energy you came in to this life with and the theme of what you came here to accomplish. More than a generalized description of your life, this is a deeply poignant description of what life look likes for you when you are in the natural flow of your life.


I was introduced to Human Design during the Summer of 2009. Frankly, I was not initially drawn to it. Then, my friend provided me with some of the descriptive information for my specific chart. It was so precise and accurate I had to explore it more. Very quickly I found the information very revealing and helpful. My Foundation Reading was a life altering event for me as mysteries about my life were given a new perspective and I felt like I now had tools in my hand to explore my life more effectively. I quickly determined that this was more than a passing interest; this was a life journey for me.

I find providing this information to people as a Certified Analyst to be a privilege and an honor. More than a simple “party trick”, this information can alter lives and can bring a grace, ease, and flow to life that many people can spend years trying to find – with little or no success. While there are many who choose not to follow the education process specifically designed by the originator of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, I am proud that I chose the route of aligning myself with the official organizations for Human Design; the International Human Design School and Human Design America. In the end, I believe the information I can provide follows very closely to what Ra taught.

I find deep satisfaction in providing a Foundation Reading for people because I know that it will assist them in returning them to their true convictions and personal integrity within their life. I know that it will assist them in fighting for what brings them value and joy in life. I also know that it will provide access to a life that is correct, joyous, and produces results beyond their wildest dreams.


As a Certified Human Design Analyst, I am authorized to provide the following services;

SAMPLE READING: For those who are interested and not yet ready to commit to a full Foundation Reading. This is a superficial overview of the essential basics of your Rave Chart. While depth will not be provided, this reading will give you the essential basics of your energy and the basic principles you can begin experimenting with.

TIME: 20-30 minutes; COST: FREE

BASIC READING: For those who are looking for specifics about their design and not quite ready to commit to a full Foundation Reading. In this reading, you will learn the essential basics of your design, how to best make choices in alignment with your energy and how your intellect will create that nagging voice in your head that prevents you from acting upon what is correct for you. While the essential information is given, there is little depth or specificity to this reading.

TIME: 60 minutes; COST: $85

FOUNDATION READING: This is the beginning step of exploring Human Design and what it provides for you. I will spend a few hours preparing your reading; gathering together the essential themes of your chart and preparing a presentation that is cohesive, practical, and immediately applicable. The reading will consist of two 90 minute sessions provided (typically) online. The presentation will be recorded and you will be given access to the recordings so that you can listen to the presentation several times (something I highly suggest). You will also receive a 55 page PDF file that is a computerized description of the various aspects of your Rave Chart.

TIME: 3 hours (2 90 minute sessions); COST: $250

HUMAN DESIGN MONTHLY FORUM: For those who have had a Foundation Reading provided by a Certified Human Design Analyst, this is a 90 minute online presentation of my own creation designed to assist people in their experiment with Human Design. The format begins with a 45-60 minute lecture on a topic I have chosen and then I open the conversation to observations and questions participants have.

COST: $10 (Participation is by invitation only and is open to all of my clients)

LIVING YOUR DESIGN: This is a 10 week mentoring program that is first step, after a Foundation Reading, in the educational process in to Human Design. During this series of monthly classes, the participant will learn the primary basics of the Human Design system with a focus upon their specific energetic design. The purpose of this program is to assist the individual in learning to live within their design correctly.

COST: $295 (A Foundation Reading from a Certified Analyst is required)

SOLAR RETURN READING: Each year we are subject to a particular energetic theme. The Solar Return Reading provides a description of this theme as well as developing a strategy for meeting these energies in a way that empowers the individual to remain true to their true nature and even learning from this energetic “weather”.

COST: $95 (A Foundation Reading from a Certified Analyst is required)

INCARNATION CROSS READING: A deeper look in to your personal Rave Chart focusing upon the environment your energy thrives in as well as what is the primary nature of your energy. This provides a greater understanding of how your energy will want to operate and what you can be on the look out for while following your personal Strategy and Authority.

COST: $125 (A Foundation Reading from a Certified Analyst is required)

PARTNERSHIP READING: Once each person in the relationship has had a Foundation Reading and has sufficient time to become familiar with how their personal energy operates, this reading looks at the energy created by the partnership of two people connecting. From the perspective of Human Design, every partnership carries the potential of great wisdom for each person; there is no such thing as a “perfect” relationship nor a “doomed” relationship. Every pairing offers challenges for the individuals involved. A Partnership Reading specifies how each person will be challenged in the relationship and how to approach these challenges in a way that provides the greatest potential to be beneficial to each person.

COST: $175

INTRODUCTIONS TO HUMAN DESIGN: If you belong to or have connection to a group of people who meet on a regular basis and would be open to having me provide a presentation to them introducing the Human Design system, I would be very happy to do so FREE OF CHARGE. My promise is that this presentation will be informative and will provide specific tools people can begin immediately experimenting with. While I will provide the opportunity for people to register for a Foundation Reading, this will not be the central point of the presentation.


“Having never heard of Human Design, I was intrigued and maybe a bit skeptical when I signed up for a reading with Brian Stout. I had no idea what to expect, so I went into the experience with an open mind. Turns out, I had been digesting self-help material for years that was not at all designed to work with my unique Human Design. I was taking charge and trying to make/force things to happen in my life. I was often sorely disappointed when, of course, not much was happening. Now that I have the Human Design tools at my side, I am feeling much less stressed, hurried or pressured. Whenever I find myself feeling anything other than calm, I refer to the beautiful document that Brian prepared for me to help me understand where I am falling back into old habits and scripts. Human Design has become my go-to resource for understanding and even managing my life.”

~ Jeanne – Denver, CO

“The biggest insight I got from my Human Design reading is that the best way for me to move forward is to make a decision and respond to what comes to me. This is in contrast to my inclination of trying to figure out what to do regardless of what is coming toward me. Knowing this has allowed me to slow down my mind while simultaneously increasing how quickly things happen for me.”

~ Kim – Lakewood, CO

“One thing that has been especially helpful is the idea of noticing how I feel over time, thanks to your explanation of my Inner Authority. This has come in handy as I really look at what I’m doing with my time and what I’m letting go of, in the way of activities. No snap judgements or abrupt decisions — just a calm, ongoing notice of how I’m feeling as I continue making decisions about some things I’ve been involved in. Understanding that I best function in this particular way is confirming and comforting.”

~ Steve – Arvada, CO

“I found the information you shared fascinating. You presented my Human Design information in a way that was easy to understand, humorous, clear, and concise. It’s a very complicated system and you put it into laymen’s terms.”

~ Laurie – Boulder, CO

“I have really noticed the effect of Human Design as I relate to my job ~ with my ability to NOT let my mind work me into a frenzy. It is wonderful, and I am so relaxed and enjoying myself even as work gets busier. Also, keeping myself open for change, because I am aware that my job path may change soon; I am ready and looking forward to a new chapter. Human Design has assisted me in preparing for this change.”

~ Teri – Estes Park, CO


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